How To Maintain A Zinc Countertop

Zinc countertops provide a highly durable surface for your kitchen or bathroom that will develop a natural blueish patina over time as it is exposed to different chemicals and materials over time. However, like all countertop materials, proper care must be taken to keep your zinc countertops looking as good as possible for as long as possible. Understanding the proper maintenance techniques for zinc countertops can help you extend the lifespan of your countertops as much as possible.

General Cleaning

Zinc is a non-absorbent material, and is also naturally resistant to mold and bacteria growth and rust. This means that your day to day cleaning routine doesn't need to be too intense: you can use general purpose commercial cleaners or a mixture of warm water and soap with a lint free rag to clean up most spills and marks on the surface of your countertops.

While zinc won't absorb liquids and other substances, you should still make an effort to remove any spills as soon as they occur. This is because they can adhere to the surface, and food and liquid that has hardened onto your countertop can cause a chemical reaction with the zinc, altering the patina in a permanent manner so that the countertop becomes effectively stained even though no substance remains.

Removing Scratches

Scratches in yourzinc countertop are inevitable, but they are also thankfully fairly easy to fix. Simply use a fine grade sandpaper to sand down the scratched area in a circular motion until the scratches have disappeared, and then use a general purpose abrasive pad or sponge to polish the area to match the rest of your countertop. However, keep in mind that sanding will remove the patina that has developed on your countertop, so the best way to maintain the appearance of your zinc counters is to avoid scratches entirely.

General Considerations

While zinc is highly durable and able to withstand general physical trauma without becoming dented or damaged, it is susceptible to specific kinds of other damage. Heat can cause discoloration to the patina that has developed over time, so care must be taken to always use padding for hot plates and dishes that are set down on your countertop. Furthermore, zinc can become scratched fairly easily due to sharp edges, which means that you should never work directly on your countertop when chopping or cooking. Instead, make use of a cutting board.