Kitchen Remodels For A Mother-In-Law Suite

If your home has a mother-in-law suite with a kitchen in need of a remodel, you may be wondering what steps you can take to update this area of the suite. Use these ideas to inspire you as you plan to remodel this additional living space in your home.

Add A Breakfast Bar

Some suites have open floor plans, which can make it a challenge to define the kitchen and living room areas. A breakfast bar helps to provide this definition while also providing a cozy dining or entertainment area. Small suites can benefit from a breakfast bar with room for two stools, while larger spaces can accommodate a bar with seating for four or more. Work with your contractor to install cabinets as part of this project to provide added storage space, and install pendant lighting above the counter to complete the look.

Install A Corner Sink

When counter space is at a premium, a corner sink can make a great addition to the room. You can keep the main counter clear for food prep, and still leave room for a small sink vessel for washing dishes or food prep. If you will be adding a dishwasher to the kitchen, a single-basin sink can work perfectly. Your remodeling contractor may have to do some additional plumbing work for this, but the end result will be a kitchen with more room for your guests to prep their favorite meals while staying with you.

Invest In A Microwave Drawer

Adding a few luxury details, such as top-of-the-line appliances can make your mother-in-law suite seem more inviting. Consider a small change, such as installing a microwave drawer. These appliances are typically installed under the bottom counters instead of the top, and the pullout design makes it easy to load foods for cooking. They do come with locking features to keep little hands safe, so you can feel confident adding one to the kitchen even if you are expecting visitors with children. As an added bonus, some microwave drawers can also double as warming drawers to hold foods at a steady temperature until mealtime or to warm plates before serving a meal.

Choose A Built-In Dining Set

Another way to save space while giving your guest suite a custom look is to add a built-in breakfast nook or corner booth. This idea makes use of an empty corner in the suite while providing a comfortable place to enjoy a meal. Your remodeling contractor can build benches that line the corner, and you can choose a dining table to put in the center. Add soft pillows and cushions, and work with your contractor to choose lighting fixtures to complete the dining area. You can also have the seating benches built with hidden storage, so you can store away extra pillows, blankets, or other necessities for your guests.

With the right touches, your guests will love coming to visit just so they can make use of your beautiful kitchen. Contact a remodeling company, like Venters' Construction Inc, for more help.