How To Keep Your Employees Safe When Working In Traffic

If you have employees that will be working in traffic, it is important that you are acutely aware of the dangers that can come along with it. There are some special precautions that you can take in order to keep you employees safe while working among moving vehicles, including the following:

Install Temporary Traffic Control Devices

A road construction project will require the installation of temporary traffic control devices for the duration. They will eventually be removed, but they are necessary to keep everyone safe. This will include platforms that allow the workers to safely get to and from the worksite, guardrails and fall restraints, and shadow vehicles. Be sure to install these devices when the traffic is light, such as late at night.

Wear High Visibility Garments

Your employees working among traffic will need to wear high visibility garments so that traffic as well as other workers easily see them. These garments include vests or coveralls that are covered in reflective material. Keep in mind that different types of garments will be required for the more intensive jobs or those that are in higher traffic areas.

Install Platforms

A platform can keep the employees out of high periods of traffic. However, the risk of falling is still there. You should install guardrails and fall restraints, especially if the platform is attached to a moving vehicle.

Maintain Communication

 Be sure to have different forms of communication between all the workers on the project. This is a good safety practice that can not only increase safety, but also increase work efficiency. In addition, you need to implement a visual communication plan should the audio communication system go down in the middle of the project. This will prevent any potential dangers that can happen when communication is lost.

Deal With Motorists

Most all drivers are willing, sometimes reluctantly, to go with the motions when it comes to driving through a construction zone. Getting delayed will often come with the territory. However, there will often be a rogue driver who tries to skirt the rules and take dangerous measures to get out of traffic. If that happens, it is important that the workers know what to do.

Keep your employees visible and ensure that they are able to call for assistance. Have cameras or other recording devices that can capture any incidents as well as vehicle identification information. You may even want to hire security details in some areas. For more information, contact companies like Traffic Troopers Inc.