A Guide To Roof Replacement

If you are considering replacing your roof, there are a lot of things to consider. You usually need to have your roof assessed to make sure that it does not need any serious structural repair before you replace the exterior material.

Repairs and Reinforcements to the Roof Deck

Some roofs will need repair and reinforcement, depending on what material is going to be installed. For instance, heavy stones, especially slate, may be too heavy for your existing roof deck. Because of this, homeowners often have to spend more money on deck reinforcement than they do on the actual installation of the new roofing material. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine the extent of the damage to your deck, and how much reinforcement it will need, until you have a professional look at it.

The process of roof replacement can take several steps. Obviously, you need to first sort out any homeowners association issues, or building codes, so you aren't in violation. Then, you need to have a professional actually look at your roof. This means they will get up on your roof and inspect the deck. If you already have a leaking roof, you will obviously need some structural work done before the new material can be installed. If your roof hasn't been replaced for over 15 or 20 years, you can expect that it will need some sort of reinforcement or repair before the job can be completed.

Adding Insulation to Your Deck

You also need to consider whether or not you are going to add any sort of insulation or weatherproofing to the roof and deck before you install the new roof. While you have your old roofing material removed, it is a prime opportunity to add some insulation.

Of course, you also need to take into account what actual roofing material you are going to install. If you're going to start something thin with minimal protection, like asphalt tiles, you will definitely want to consider some further insulation. However, if you are going to install a thick, insulating ceramic tile, it might not be necessary to invest in extra deck installation.

These are all issues that professional roofers will guide you through when they are examining and processing the current state of your roof. But, if you know what questions to ask and what products you prefer, you will be better informed when it comes to making the final decisions. Contact a company, like J. Forrest Development, for more help.