Arbor Advantage: How To Make An Arbor The Focal Point Of Your Garden

Are you looking for ways to make your garden stand out and command attention? If so, a garden arbor may be your best friend. Not only are garden arbors helpful for supporting trailing plants and flowers, they also create a pleasing contrast to your garden by adding height and dimension to your garden design. Getting creative with arbors can make the difference between a mediocre garden and an unforgettable one.

Start with a high-quality arbor

There are plenty of ways to economize in your garden, but choosing a poor-quality arbor is not one of them. Whether you choose a pre-made arbor or have one custom designed, you will want to select one that will stand up to the most extreme weather and give you years of enjoyment.

Having an arbor custom built by a local contractor will allow you to have the arbor designed to suit your needs. It will be uniquely yours and you won't have to assemble anything, and you can choose a building material that matches your decorating theme perfectly.

Think outside the basic arbor

Request to have a swing, a sitting bench, or other unique feature built into your arbor. You may wish to have custom-designed gates or fencing added to the sides of an arbor. Bird lovers may wish to have bird houses built along the sides of an arbor to provide a haven for their feathered friends.

Do you have an old door that you want to recycle? Have your arbor built around the old door to make a delightful entryway to the garden. Old windows can be built into the sides of an arbor to create a unique look.

Some arbors can even function like small outdoor rooms, complete with a custom roof to protect the sitting area from the elements. Add a small bistro table and chairs, and you will have the perfect place to relax in the comfort of your own backyard. Room-sized arbors make great places to entertain friends and allow you to show off your garden expertise at the same time.

Get creative with your arbor

Roses and other trailing plants and vines look stunning on an arbor, but you can use your arbor to show off collectables and other items as well. For instance, add some hooks to the sides of your arbor and use it to display garden tools, watering cans, or old garden boots. You can also install small shelves on each side of the arbor and use small terra cotta pots to showcase a variety of colorful potted plants or herbs.

Do you often wish you could have a flower garden and a vegetable garden, but you only have room for one? Arbors make great dividers. Whether your garden is large or small, installing an arbor midway is an inexpensive way to divide your garden plot in half.

What's not to love about garden arbors? A lovely arbor can bring your garden to life. It's one of the easiest ways to transform the look of an ordinary garden into one that is extraordinary.