What Can You Do About The Wood Rot In Your Deck?

If your deck is crumbling, brittle, and falling apart in places, it could have wood rot. Wood rot doesn't just occur in houses and similar structures. Rot can also develop in decks. If you remove and replace the rotted wood in your deck now, you can save it. Here's more information about wood rot and how you can get it out of your deck today.

How Does Rot Form in Wood?

Wood is susceptible to a number of things that can damage it, especially moisture. When wood becomes exposed to water for a long period of time, it begins to decay. Fungus generally causes the decay.

There are several types of wood rot found in decks and other structures today, including white rot, soft rot, and brown (dry) rot. Although each type of rot may seem similar in nature, they are vastly different. Soft rot typically takes time to break down or decompose wood. Soft rot also affects trees, logs, and stumps. However, brown rot and white rot can decompose wooden structures very quickly. Dry rot tends to decompose wood the fastest.

Because any type of wood rot can be in your deck, you want to have a general contractor diagnose and treat it for you. 

How Do You Save Your Deck?

A general contractor can do a number of important things to determine the type of wood rot in your deck. A contractor can diagnose the decay by color, or they can take samples of the wood and use them to diagnose the cause. If your deck has brown or white rot, a contractor may go ahead and remove and replace the decayed planks. Even if a contractor removes only the affected wood, the fungus may spread to the rest of the deck sometime later. 

If wood fungi overwhelm your deck, go ahead and install a new deck in its place. Your old deck might not be sturdy enough to withstand the problems that wood rot causes. You may wish to use treated decking material for your new deck. Chemically treated wood is one option you might consider for your new deck. You may also consider using wood rot-resistant wood as your replacement.

To help you make a sound decision about your new deck, a contractor may present a variety of replacement options to you. If you feel overwhelmed by the options, allow a contractor to assist you with the decision.

For more information about wood root and decks, contact a deck repair contractor soon.