What's Different Between Commercial Plumbing And Residential Work?

Folks paying for commercial plumbing services often wonder what exactly makes the job different from residential work. In some situations, such as fixing a faucet, there isn't much difference. On the other hand, certain problems are quite different due to the larger scale of most commercial structures. Take a look at some of the ways commercial plumbing differs from the work you'll see done in your house.

Water Pressure

It's easy to appreciate that bigger buildings with more users in them generally need more water pressure to get the same jobs done. There is, however, a somewhat weirder physics problem that can create trouble using residential techniques in taller buildings.

Generally, the available water pressure at most locations all over the world can only push water about 25 feet vertically through pipes. If you've ever wondered why most single-family houses are no more than two stories high, this is why.

To get water to go further up, pumps have to be installed to relay the water to higher stories. Given a good number of the taller buildings in the world are commercial structures, this makes overcoming this problem typically a commercial plumbing issue.


It's normal for commercial plumbing services firms to have a number of clients. This means a lot of work needs to be put on a schedule. It's best to have a maintenance agreement with a company, and they can then swing by your location every few months to verify that everything is still in good order. As a consequence of the strong emphasis in the industry on scheduling, you should also expect to pay more for emergency services.


Most commercial plumbing pros will want as much of the equipment in your building to be standardized as possible. If you start replacing fixtures, it's often best to go to war on them all. Plumbers like to do this in commercial locations because it reduces the amount of time they spend identifying components that have to be fixed or replaced. If you need to swap out a damaged toilet, for example, they can just go to their warehouse or supplier and get a unit that will be a one-for-one replacement.

Customers generally like this because it provides consistency. Likewise, a company's visitors will see the standardization of basic things in the bathrooms like sinks, toilets, and urinals as evidence of the overall professionalism of your operation.

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