Why Annual Heating System Maintenance Is Essential For Lower-Income Households

Lower-income households may qualify for energy assistance to pay for part of their heating fuel needs over the season. The payment does not cover system maintenance, so these households may feel tempted to forego the annual service. Yet this yearly appointment is essential for several reasons. Those in charge of the decision should consider how heating maintenance can save them money over the year.

Keeping Utility Bills as Low as Possible

Because energy assistance does not pay the whole season's costs, lower-income individuals and families must do what they can to reduce their utility bills. They don't want to be in a position where they can't afford to pay and risk having the heat shut off.

Routine maintenance boosts energy efficiency for both heating and central air, even if the technician does not do any work on the outside compressor. That's because the two systems share the interior equipment that blows warm or cool air into homes through ducts and vents.

The maintenance service includes cleaning the burner and other components, making adjustments as needed. The technician lubricates parts and measures the motor's voltage and current.

This work is one of the most effective ways to boost energy efficiency. It also increases the lifespan of the equipment. With a rise in efficiency, the appliances can operate less frequently and for shorter times.

Preventing the Need for Emergency Service

During the maintenance appointment, the technician inspects the equipment for problems that could cause a malfunction in the next 12 months. A worn belt, for example, should be replaced to prevent a need for emergency repair work. When emergency service is required on a weekend or late at night, the cost can be significantly higher than the maintenance would have been.

The customers might compare this to having routine maintenance performed on the family automobile. It helps prevent inconvenient breakdowns and more expensive repair services. Heating system maintenance is often referred to as a tune-up.

Concluding Thoughts

Nearly 7 million U.S. households receive energy assistance each year, reflecting the high percentage of residents struggling to make ends meet. Although heating system maintenance may seem like a low priority when people have trouble setting money aside each month, the service should be included on the essentials list. For best results, the appointment can be scheduled in late summer or early fall. The system then will be at its optimum efficiency before winter arrives.