4 Things To Know About Choosing Ceramic Tiles For Your Home

Ceramic tiles can make a great flooring choice for your floor, and they can also be used as a backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen. They work equally well as both a floor covering and a wall covering. When it comes to purchasing ceramic tiles, there are a few things you need to know to get the process right. 

1. Be Sure You Order Enough Tiles

When it comes to ordering the tiles for your space, you will want to go a little bit big. Take measurements of your space so that you know how much square footage of tiles you need. Then, you need to consider wastage and breakage, both of which are common when installing tiles. You will want to order a little extra to cover those possibilities. If you are putting the tiles in a specific pattern, you will want to order a little bit more as well, as you will have to make precise cuts to fit the pattern. Don't put yourself in a position where you have an almost finished backsplash or floor but are a few tiles short. Order a little extra to give yourself some wiggle room. Then, if you have any leftovers, you have a backup supply to fix your tile if anything happens. 

2. Keep the Extra Tiles

When your project is over, don't throw away the extra tiles. Find a safe space in your home to store them. If a tile gets cracked over time, you want to be able to swap it out with an original tile. Even if you find the same pattern again, the batch could be a little different and may not look exactly the same. Additionally, if you have extra tiles and want to remodel or decorate the room where the tile is located, you can take an extra tile shopping for color comparison needs. 

3. Consider the Size of the Tiles in Relation to the Size of the Room

If you're putting tile in a small room, it may feel natural to go with small tile. However, using larger tiles can make a small room feel bigger. If you have a big room, small tiles can work well. All the little grout lines can bring the space together. 

4. Always Go For Quality

When it comes to purchasing tiles, don't go for cheap tiles. If you go with cheap tiles, the color may not hold as well, and they may not last as long. Go for higher-quality tiles that use better color dyes and will retain their color and quality longer. 

When it comes to choosing tiles, order extra tiles and keep them as a backup. Use larger tiles for a smaller space and smaller tiles in a bigger place. Always go for high-quality tiles. 

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