What To Know About Fake Metal Beams

If you want to add more visual interest to your ceilings, fake metal beams are an excellent option. Industrial decoration has increased in popularity in recent years, and many homeowners love the look of metal accents throughout the home. However, metal is a heavy material that can also get quite expensive. Fake metal beams are lighter and less pricey than real metal beams, making them ideal for residential use. Here's what to know about fake metal beams. 

They Are Easier To Install

Installing real metal beams is far more challenging than installing fake metal beams. Faux beams are typically made of far lighter material than structural ones. For example, a large steel beam can easily weigh more than 1,000 pounds. Installing a real metal beam will require professionals due to the weight. Faux beams, however, are made of fiberglass or high-density polyurethane, making them far lighter than their traditional counterparts. Many homeowners can even install fake metal beams without the aid of a contractor. However, you still may want to seek one out if you are not handy.

You Have Plenty Of Options

Faux beams are an excellent option for enhancing the appearance of many homes. Since faux beams have become more popular, you have a wide range of colors, styles, and textures to choose from when it comes to these beams. Fake metal beams also come in a range of widths and lengths. Industrial decoration isn't one size fits all, and you can add industrial elements, like fake metal beams, to homes that range in style from traditional to modern. When shopping for fake metal beams, consider what will work best for your home.

How Much They Cost

Another thing to consider when it comes to fake metal beams is how much they cost. Typically, faux beams are far less expensive than their traditional counterparts. You will pay less for fake metal beams than for real ones. However, how much they set you back depends on how many you require, their size and shape, and installation labor cost. Decorative beams can cost the average homeowner a couple of thousand dollars. Your contractor will be able to give you a more exact estimate once you select your faux metal beams.

If you are considering fake metal beams, here are three things to know. First, fake metal beams are far easier to install than their heavy real counterparts. Second, you have many options to consider for fake metal beams. Finally, how much you pay for faux beams varies, but they are cheaper than the real thing. 

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