What's In Your Water? Signs You Need Water Analysis

If you want to learn more about your residential water, now's the time for an analysis. You might not know this, but a water analysis can tell you everything you need to know about the water you use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most people don't know about this valuable resource. If you've been in that category, it's time to find out what's in the water. To determine if you need a water analysis, read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, schedule a water analysis as soon as possible. 

There are Reports of Contamination

If you're worried that your city water supply isn't safe, arrange for a water analysis right away. You might think you can wait for the official report, but that's not the case. Official reports can take months to get made public. Plus, there's no way of knowing if the official report is accurate. That's why you need to get your own water analysis. You'll find out the results much faster, and you'll know that the results are accurate. 

There's Been Seasonal Flooding

If you've been dealing with seasonal flooding, be sure to get your water tested. Flooding can force contaminants into the groundwater supply. This is especially worrisome if you have a residential well on your property. An analysis will let you know if your water has been affected by seasonal flooding. If it has, you can take steps to remove the contaminants. 

Your Water Quality has Changed

If you've noticed changes to the quality of your water, don't wait to schedule a water analysis. Water quality can change for a variety of reasons. Two of those reasons are contamination and plumbing problems. Some changes can include discoloration, poor taste, and foul smells. If you've encountered any of those changes, water testing will pinpoint the problem for you. 

You're Building a New Home

If you're in the middle of a new home construction, don't forget to schedule a water analysis. Hard water can damage the pipes and faucets. That's why you need a water analysis before your new home gets finished. If the water analysis identifies issues with hard water, there are steps you can take. You can have a whole-house water treatment system installed before you move in. Your whole-house water treatment system will remove hard water minerals and contaminants. 

Know what's in the water you're drinking. If you're unsure about the quality of your drinking water, contact a general contractor service such as Aquafeel Maryland to schedule a water test.