Holly Scott

6 Options To Consider For Your Window Replacement

Replacing the windows in your home is an expensive but worthy capital investment. Unlike in newly built buildings, replacement windows must be customized in order to fit into the existing building. However, the costly sticker price does not mean that you cannot get efficient and attractive windows at a cheaper price. Here is what you should consider for your window replacement. Double-Hung or Single-Hung? This mostly refers to the window part that moves, also known as the sash.

Hard Vs. Soft Water

When water falls as rain, it is naturally soft. It's only once it starts to get into the groundwater that it starts to harden up. Not everyone knows what the difference is between hard and soft water, or how to tell if they have one or the other.  Hard vs. Soft Water The biggest difference between hard and soft water is the mineral content. The thing that makes hard water hard is the fact that it has some mineral content in it, primarily calcium, magnesium, and lime.

Tips For Having An Energy Audit Done To Your Home

Knowing the way that your home uses energy can provide you with important insights into steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of energy that you use each month. Home energy audits can be an excellent way of providing you with this important information. Understand The Various Sources Of Energy Waste That May Be Affecting Your Home There are potentially many different sources of energy loss that can impact a home.

3 Reasons To Install An Indoor Playground In Your Shopping Mall

In your shopping mall, you might have thought about a lot of things. One thing that you might not have thought about installing yet, however, is an indoor play area for children. By installing a nice indoor playground and adding other kid-friendly amenities, you can improve your mall in various ways. These are some of the benefits that can go along with making this kid-friendly improvement. 1. Encourage More Parents to Shop at Your Mall

Arbor Advantage: How To Make An Arbor The Focal Point Of Your Garden

Are you looking for ways to make your garden stand out and command attention? If so, a garden arbor may be your best friend. Not only are garden arbors helpful for supporting trailing plants and flowers, they also create a pleasing contrast to your garden by adding height and dimension to your garden design. Getting creative with arbors can make the difference between a mediocre garden and an unforgettable one.